1. About Mirror Image Marketing Pty Ltd (Mirror Image Marketing)

1.1 Mirror Image Marketing is a marketing service, consultancy and news distribution business. It operates within a number of industry sectors as related to its clients. It also delivers news services through its web sites and by other means to the recreational boating industry, the exhibition industry or any individual who chooses to subscribe to the service.

1.2 This Policy applies to any of Mirror Image Marketing’s web sites and / or products including Marine Business News, Exhibition Industry News,, and/or any of its other business entities.

1.3 Any reference to “Mirror Image Marketing” in this policy is intended to be accepted as being the same for any of its products or services.

2. Privacy Policy Notice

2.1 Mirror Image Marketing respects everyone’s right to personal privacy. This website notice explains our policy for dealing with personal information we collect through this website.

2.2 By accessing or using this website you acknowledge to be bound by this privacy notice.

2.3 Throughout this notice, we refer to your personal information. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act) defines personal information as: “…information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.”

2.4 Your names, email address, postal address and telephone number are examples of personal information.

2.5 We view privacy as a serious matter and we strictly adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), the Privacy Act 1988.

2.6 This Privacy Policy Statement (Privacy Statement) sets out our process for collection, storage and management of personal information across our business.

2.7 Please note that when you use a link from our website to other websites, those websites are not subject to our Privacy Statement. You will need to contact those websites to find out about their privacy and security policies.

2.8 This Privacy Statement sets out our current website privacy policies necessary to comply with the Act, the APPs.

2.9 We will update our Privacy Statement from time-to-time to ensure its currency with the changes in the domestic and international legal sphere. We will notify you of these changes by publishing them on this website. We therefore encourage you to check this page from time to time. By continuing to use this website, you agree to accept any changes we make to this Policy Statement.

2.10 If you have any questions or concerns about this website’s Privacy Statement and policies, please contact our Privacy Officer:

Domenic Genua
PO Box 597
Drummoyne NSW 1470
Ph: +61 2 9818 8600

3. Types of Personal Information we collect

3.1 The type of Personal Information generally collected by Mirror Image Marketing may include your name, residential address, telephone numbers and other contact details, date of birth, email address, and other identifying data to enable us to identify and communicate with you. We may also collect information about your use of our products and services and any preferences you tell us about.

3.2 We do not collect sensitive information about you unless:

3.2.1 You consent to the collection of the information and the information is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of Mirror Image Marketing’s functions or activities.

3.2.2 Mirror Image Marketing ensures that it only collects, and stores solicited personal information, that is information that has been expressly requested by Mirror Image Marketing.

3.2.3 If unsolicited personal information is provided by you, we are under an obligation to, within a reasonable period after receiving the information, determine whether we could have collected the information under APP 3.

3.2.4 If we determine that the piece of information could not have been collected by us, and the information is not contained in a commonwealth record, then we will, as soon as practicable but only if its lawful and reasonable to do so, destroy or de-identify the information.

3.2.5 Information that is retained by us is updated upon receipt of notification of changes and is protected from distribution outside of Mirror Image Marketing except with the permission of each relevant company or individual.

3.2.6 Wherever possible we will offer you the option of de-identifying your personal information in any transaction where information is collected or stored by us.

4. How we collect information

4.1 Personal information is only collected through lawful and fair means. There are several ways in which your information may be collected:

4.1.1 Submitting an enquiry through one of the Mirror Image Marketing owned and managed websites;

4.1.2 Subscribing to news services through one of Mirror Image Marketing’s web sites.

4.1.3 Making an enquiry over the phone, email or other form of communication through a Mirror Image Marketing staff member;

4.1.4 Prospective clients entering data into our Customer Relationship Management database tool (CRM) as a result of a networking or business functions; and

4.1.5 Participation in any event or competition organised by Mirror Image Marketing and

4.1.6 Becoming a client through a business transaction.

5. Why we collect personal information

5.1.1 We collect and use personal information about our stakeholders. This information is primarily for purposes to provide information in the form of newsletters, flyers, education, and other material relevant to communicating with individuals in the process of delivering our business service.

5.1.2 We collect information primarily for advertising, promotions, direct marketing, remarketing and retargeting purposes, to the extent that this use is not inconsistent with our compliance with APPs.

5.1.3 Mirror Image Marketing uses Google Analytics, Google Ad Words, Facebook and other social or business mediums to assist it in achieving the above purposes.

5.1.4 If we hold personal information that was collected for a particular purpose, we ensure that the information is not used for another purpose unless: You have provided informed consent for the use or disclosure of the information; or You would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for the secondary purpose and the secondary purpose is: directly related to the primary purpose (if the information is sensitive information); or related to the primary purpose (if the information is not sensitive information).

6. How we store information

6.1 We store personal information in secure computer storage facilities. Information that is collected from its members is entered into the Mirror Image Marketing’s Customer Relationship Management System. In so doing, we have taken numerous steps to protect your personal information form misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

6.2 Access to personal information is restricted to Mirror Image Marketing staff only.

6.2.1 Information collected from enquiries through our website are stored within our email system

6.2.2 Information collected from telephone enquiries or submitted through our application process are stored on our Customer Relationship Management database tool.

7. Obligation

7.1 We are under an obligation to notify you when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to any individual whose personal information is involved in the breach.

8. Security and Maintenance

We have processes for the security of all data whether in physical or electronic form. Security of information is a high priority to us. Access to, and manipulation of, information, both physical and electronic, is controlled using systems (electronic and manual) which are current and in line with industry standards.

Our systems are regularly reviewed to ensure that the highest standards possible are maintained. Information collected via the website is stored securely by authorised third parties and will only be accessed by authorised personnel.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is de-identified or destroyed when it is no longer required by us. As a general rule we are legally required to keep information for seven years, however this may vary depending on specific legal requirements or our business needs.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is current and accurate. To assist us in this regard we request that you notify us of any changes to the information we hold on you.

9. Access and Correction

You can access and correct your personal details held by us by contacting:

Mirror Image Marketing Pty Ltd
PO Box 597
Drummoyne NSW 1470
Tel: 02 9818 8600 or Email